Friday, June 18, 2010

Top ten makeup products I couldn't live without

Ricepaper. My absolute favorite eyeshadow ever! Best highlight you can get and overall color. What would i do without you ricepaper <3

 everybody needs a good primer in their kit! I personally prefer uppd. it last a pretty good time so its worth the cash!

Cargo blush shimmer. Oh my how I love this ! AMAZING color payoff and it look soo pretty as a highlight !

creamy and really black! I LOVE IT! Prob the best I've ever tried but i still need to try a stilla eyeliner to compare!

Pink swoon....... <3 you're my life now. such a pretty light pink color. it gives you just the right pink tint to your face without making you loook like a clown. it looks so pretty on darker complexions, gosh i need a tan!

 My sister actually recommend to me and I've had it for about a week and my o my do i looooooooove it!
 Great coverage very build-able and it has yet to crease on me. 7 bucks! (:

mmmm.. shy girl! so creamy  a very on the go lipstick for me bc its neutral but it has a hint of coral to it.

 Mac 109. Seriously everybody should have this brush or at least a dupe. blends like a mad man and really packs on color! the only con is the shedding when used with liquid foundation

 NYX jumbo pencil in MILK . simply couldn't live without this pencil becuase it can crease I use uppd under and it works just fine like that. its soo creamy and i love it! i want to marry it!!!!!

I use blanc type allllllllllll the time. its SOOO pigmented and creamy. def a MUST have in your collection

Rich & Famous by china glaze. I adore this nail polish! Its the PERFECT cute shade of pink. Super girly and fun (:


  1. wee! the 109 is one of my FAVORITE brushes! i have a few of those guys and i love them for almost ANYTHING! cream products, powder products, whatever, it just works! :)

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